Children and Youth Programme

Children and Youth Programme

Word cloud globe with centre cross holding the title, Who on Earth is Jesus

Designed to run in parallel with the adult sessions for ages 4 – 14 inclusive.

Places must be pre-booked no later than 31st August.
Book at: giving names and ages of each child.


The Sessions

“Who on Earth is Jesus?”

There will be two groups (divided by age but taking into account the numbers who register).

The older group
2.30 – 4.15pm ‘Jesus – what’s the big deal?’
Afternoon Tea
5.30 – 7.00pm ‘Jesus – good news for my mates?’

The younger group
2.30 – 4.15pm ‘Meeting Jesus’
Afternoon Tea
5.30 – 7.00pm ‘Telling others about Jesus’

Both groups will use a variety of methods and materials to access these important topics at an age-appropriate level.