Event 2020

 Event 2020 

Due to Covid-19 we were not meeting together in person but had a two-session Bible exposition via YouTube.  The two sessions given by Tony Mason, our chairman, can be accessed at any time. We shall look at how God brings out his good purposes in spite of our disappointments and setbacks. 

“Disappointment or His appointment?”

The first session takes us to consider some implications of Abraham burying his wife, Sarah.  

YouTube Link to First Session

The second session looks at how Paul and his companions arrived in Macedonia when their own plan had been to go somewhere else.

YouTube Link to Second Session

Coronavirus may have put a stop to some things and forced us to change plans – but God’s plans are always best!

link to - Can you stand with us - 10 of those

As we could not hold a live event in 2020 it is an enormous disappointment to all of us, but not least to our book supplier, 10ofthose.  A large part of their ministry is providing bookstalls at major Christian events such as the Keswick Convention, Word Alive etc. With these and smaller events, cancelled they are facing serious cash-flow problems.  It is so important that such a vital ministry can continue even in these difficult times.